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The 5 Best Systems for Tracking Teen Drivers; Parents: It is normal to be worried about your kids as they start driving. Teens: Yes, it can be frustrating that your parents are freaking out and worried as you begin to drive. Let them have a moment. This is a lot to take in. And how their driving is when you’re not pumping your. Bouncie provides parents with peace of mind whenever their teen gets on the road. See their location at any time with realtime mapping and set alerts for speed, hard acceleration, braking and curfews. Learn why families trust Bouncie to erase worry and encourage good driving habits.

Jul 06, 2017 · These Systems Can Help Your Teen Develop Good Driving Habits. Turning kids loose in the car on public roads worries parents more than drug addiction or unwanted pregnancy, according to a study by Ford.It’s one thing to sit beside them and coach as a second set of eyes and ears, but when you’re not there, trouble can multiply.Author: Eric C. Evarts. Tracking teen drivers has never been easier, with many high-tech monitoring devices. Experts give car tracking technology a qualified thumbs-up.

Thanks to some innovative tracking devices, parents now have the option to be in the passenger seat without even being in the car with their teen. The app provides Sapp with her son's driving. Sep 03, 2014 · Technology has come a long way in the last 20 years. Most teens now carry a cell phone, and while phones can pose dangers while driving, they can also be used to protect your child. Many parents may not be aware of the many apps and other technological advancements that are currently available to them that can be used to monitor their teen drivers.