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Does your teen seem completely unmotivated? For parents of teens, the refrains of, “Whatever,” and “I don’t care,” can become all too familiar. In this interview, teenage behavior expert Josh Shipp explains where your child’s motivation really lies—and how you can tap into it. I think. It’s not uncommon for your teen to want to sleep late, lounge on the couch, play video games or be lazy. It’s not even a problem for the most part, because everyone deserves a break -- a chance to relax and do absolutely nothing while enjoying every second of it. However, when this is all your teen wants to do, it.

The Unmotivated Teen Helping your son move from defiance to self-reliance Adam Price, Ph.D. is an expert in child and adolescent psychology, and author of the book He's Not Lazy. Sep 19, 2010 · How to Motivate Teenagers. Being a teenager is an important stage of life. However, teens can be easily distracted and parents, teachers, and older relatives sometimes find motivating teenagers to succeed to be a difficult task. By 90%(14).

Epilogue: unmotivated 9th grader Hi, I wrote a few weeks ago asking for advice on how to help my unmotivated 9th grader (boy) who is irritable and not performing in school to his ability. Thanks to everyone who replied. We took him to a highly regarded psychiatrist who is an expert with adolescents.