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THE STRIP PLANK METHOD OF CONSTRUCTION. For this, we will use several different Selway Fisher Designs as examples but mainly the 17'9" INDIAN RUNNER steam launch. A. The chipboard moulds (sectional shapes) are carefully erected onto a simple wood strongback.. B. In this case, the internal stem has been laminated but may be made up from solid wood - note the hog which is laminated in situ on. Strip Planking Boat Construction Definition of Strip Planking, ANCIENT and NEW. Strip building of boats has been around for a long time. In the past large boats were carvel planked with heavy boards attached to solid ribs using sturdy fasteners or wood dowels.

Nick Schade has been building strip-built boats for over 30 years. He has written two of the standard texts on the subject, Building Strip-Planked Boats and The Strip-Built Sea Kayak, and his efforts have guided thousands of people through building their own boats using the popular strip-planked method. Glued Methods: Strip planking. Strip planking is a glued construction method very popular with amateur boatbuilders because it appears to be a quick method that avoids complex temporary jig work and does not require shaping of the planks. My diatribe on the method farther on in this section of the web site gives my views on this.

Strip Building Boat Plans. Strip building also known as cedar strip or plank building is a method of boat building where narrow strips of thin wood are glued together around a frame, the strips are then faired and fiberglassed and the form removed. The resulting boats are beautiful and light.