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Terrence Higgins Trust is a British charity that campaigns on and provides services relating to HIV and sexual health.In particular, the charity aims to end the transmission of HIV in the UK; to support and empower people living with HIV; to eradicate stigma and discrimination around HIV; and to promote good sexual health (including safe sex).. The Trust is generally considered the UK's Area served: United Kingdom. Terrence Higgins Trust has a number of centres with services that range from sexual health advice to full screenings, and many centres will also offer free condoms. It’s important to get regularly tested if you are sexually active, so if there is a Terrence Higgins Trust centre that provides this service in your area be sure to take advantage.

Have you taken a risk? Check if you've been at risk of contracting HIV through sex and what action you may be able to take with our online assessment. In his memory, Martyn Butler and Rupert Whitaker (Higgins' partner) and Terry's close friend Tony Calvert initiated the formation of the Terry Higgins Trust (later renamed the Terrence Higgins Trust) in 1982 with a group of concerned community-members and Terry's friends, including Len Robinson and Chris Peel ; it was dedicated to preventing.

Tag: terrence higgins trust New THT ad takes tired old approach. Britain’s largest HIV organisation, Terrence Higgins Trust (THT), has just launched a new safe sex campaign advertisement, misleadingly titled “Condom Moment”: New it may be, but it feels awfully familiar. Oral sex has a very low risk of HIV transmission. The virus can very rarely be passed on this way and only if the person with HIV has a detectable viral load. Find your local Terrence Higgins Trust services: free condoms and test kits, clinics, support groups, workshops, sexual health information and more.