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Why men lose sexual desire after ejaculation. 1 Men were designed to impregnate. Men weren't designed to have continuous sex but just to impregnate their wives. A typical male will lose sexual desire for some time after orgasm. This is called the refractory period. 2 The release of oxytocin. According to Wikipedia, the hormone oxytocin, which. Jul 26, 2013 · For a woman, if she orgasms first, she needs to stay interested until the man is done in order for there to be a chance of pregnancy. Because of these evolutionary needs, men have long "refractory periods" (lack of sexual desire after orgasm), whereas women either don't have them or have really short ones.

Nov 17, 2010 · Don't worry. You're not alone. Plenty of guys 50 and older experience difficulty with orgasm and ejaculation, says Dr. Louanne Weston, a sex therapist. One study found the problem affects as many as 16 percent of men in their early 60s, 23 percent of men ages 65 to 74, and 33 percent of men 75 and older.Author: Michael Castleman. Men don't like to talk about it; neither do their partners. But loss of libido in men or inhibited sexual desire stresses a marriage more than any other sexual dysfunction, according to Barry Author: Susan Seliger.

Jan 19, 2015 · Some men will avoid experiencing orgasms because of the sense of loss or sadness they feel after an ejaculation free orgasm. 6. A change in the quality or intensity or painful orgasms -For some men there is a significantly reduced intensity of their orgasms so there is a reduction in pleasure.Author: Living And Loving With Prostate Cancer. Men usually take 2 to 7 minutes to orgasm. a low libido means a decreased interest or desire in sex. The male libido lives in two areas of the brain: the cerebral cortex and the limbic system Author: Susan York Morris And Emma Nicholls.

male loss of orgasm. mccomb63 posted: for all the people trying to figure out your loss of sensations during orgasm.(i had "o") .i have finally figured out the problem for probably most people..i have had this problem for over 15 years.i found a website after a lot of searching that came up with the answer. if you are taking a. Feb 03, 2009 · Best Answer: This is a part of the natural male sexual response, called the refractory period. After ejaculation, sexual interest diminishes and the man becomes incapable of ejaculation for a while. Often the erection goes away at this time, but not always. This probably developed as an adaptation that kept Followers: 3.

Apr 23, 2012 · The "how" of prolactin counteracting dopamine is answered well by Marcus Geldud here, but it may spark the question of "why." What could be the purpose of such a biologically-imposed ending on men whereas women have no such limit? Several have tac. Mar 15, 2014 · Libido loss, delayed or no ejaculation in men, no orgasm in women, with possible erection problems. If you experience sexual side effects from antidepressants, ask your doctor if .