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Penetrations Through Rated Wall and Floor Assemblies PN 101-Pipe Penetration Through Wall. UL Design- W-L-1041. Download. Pipe Flex Sealing. Pipes seals for pipes with axial movement. WA.GP-AM - 2 is an external wall mount design that absorbs axial movement of the pipe without violating the integrety of the seal.. They perform the same functions as Type 1 above. The WA.GP-AM - 2 pipe flex seals are not manufactured in a split version for existing pipes.

Penetrants, or penetrating items, are the mechanical, electrical or structural items that pass through an opening in a wall or floor, such as pipes, electrical conduits, ducting, electrical cables and cable trays, or structural steel beams and columns. When these items pierce a wall or floor assembly, they create a space between the penetrant and the surrounding structure, which can become an. 1 - 36 of 89 results for "Floor Penetration" 1 of 3; USG Fire Resistant Assemblies Floor Slab Penetration Details. View Detail 09 21 16.23.432 Shaft Wall Steel Beam 2-Hr. Beam-Partition-Floor Intersection Detail. View Detail.

Download Details; Firestop System; Download Details. All Categories; Acoustical Ceiling Panels; Area Separation Wall; Chase Wall; Column Enclosure; Drywall Suspension System; Firestop System; Gypsum Board Assembly; Head of Wall; USG Fire Resistant Assemblies Floor Slab Penetration Details. C for both floor and wall penetrations. F for floor penetrations only. W for wall penetrations only. The second letter of the designation identifies the construction type: A for concrete floors less than or equal to 5 inches thick. B for concrete floors greater than 5 inches thick. C .