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To do something useless. Get a Piss Up a Rope mug for your father-in-law Manley. Jan 19, 2004 · I was going to post the lyrics to Ween's "Piss up a Rope," but I'd forgotten how incredibly offensive they are, without the 'hey, let's make fun of country music!' vibe of the album.My favorite offensive curse is Romanian in origin. It's probably the most offensive thing I've ever heard, and runs: "Go back to your mother's cunt and jerk off the unborn foetus.".

Apr 15, 2017 · go piss up a rope: " get lost "; "get out of here"; etc. Well, you can just go piss up a rope! Go piss up a rope. Posted on 08/09/2019 by Wirecutter. President Trump should do more to tackle gun violence, because it is the right thing to do, and because it would drive Democrats crazy. First up: let’s set the record straight. MORE. This entry was posted in Gun Control, Politics, Snowflakes.

Definition of go piss up a rope in the Idioms Dictionary. go piss up a rope phrase. What does go piss up a rope expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. "Piss Up a Rope" is a song by the band Ween in 1996 from the album 12 Golden Country Greats. It was released on 7" yellow vinyl single on Diesel Only Records.. History. When asked about the lyrics "You can wash my balls with a warm wet rag" and "On your knees, you big bootied bitch," Dean Ween stated that he wrote the song for his wife. The inspiration for the title came from his father: "[It Genre: Alternative country, comedy.

Mar 03, 2016 · "Go piss up a rope." Synonyms: pound sand It's even the title of a song: Piss Up a Rope - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia And like all rude manner of things, in merchandise, such as the delightful Go Piss Up A Rope Designer Mug Go Piss Up A Rope Gifts & Merchandise | Go Piss Up A Rope Gift Ideas & Apparel - CafePress.