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May 19, 2015 · Abandoned Dragstrips: Southern Tracks. This movie is an iconic piece of history for Lakeland, and it plays a large role in people’s interest in abandoned drag strips. For most tracks, the poor economy and lack of interest was enough to force . Lost and Forgotten Drag Strips. 40,316 likes · 160 talking about this. Lost, Forgotten, Closed & Abandoned Drag Strips and Ghost Tracks4.9/5(7).

May 18, 2015 · Abandoned Dragstrips: The Midwest. Abandoned for thirty years, the old Motion Raceway doesn’t have much to offer besides a massive strip of cracked pavement. Drag strips have certainly overcome tougher obstacles, but at the end of the 1984 racing season, the land owner did not renew the lease. This led many to believe that the local. Rocky Mountain Dragway / Mile High Dragway / Denver International Dragway / Tower Road Dragway / Thunder Road Dragway.

In a monthly series in the magazine’s Straight Scoop column, Car Craft has been running photos sent in by readers of still-existing but abandoned dragstrips in all parts of the country, and that. In most areas of the country you can’t even buy a home on a tiny plot of land for $115,000, but that’s precisely what Tennessean Scottie Corbin is selling the 22-acre Great River Road Raceway for — lock, stock, and barrel.

— A drag strip with a long history in the township is for sale. Owner Stanley Dye has listed the Quarter Aces Drag-O-Way with commercial real estate broker NAI CIR at an asking price of $395,000.Author: Tammie Gitt, The Sentinel. The LOCATION section contains the drag strip entries arranged by state, and therein, alphabetically by name of drag strip. On the LOCATION page, click on the state where the drag strip is located to go to that state's page. In each state, the first section lists all that state's drag strips in the chronological order in which they began operation. This listing is comprehensive.