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Beginning in 1996, the Range Rover's second-generation model, dubbed the P38 by Land Rover geeks, made its debut. Sold through 2002, the P38 Range Rover dramatically upped the luxury quotient, adding a far plusher interior and many more modern comfort and convenience features. Only one wheelbase was offered. A common problem on the Range Rover ® L322 is perished rear hub bushes. These are the bushes that connect the hubs to the wishbones and the usual symptoms are clonking noises from the rear suspension when driving over bumps.

Nov 24, 2015 · Electrical Problems and Oil Leaks. When you spend over $60,000 for a vehicle, you do not expect to have problems with the electrical system and oil leaks. Luxury vehicles should not have these problems. It is common for customers to report these issues. Common problems in these areas include head gasket failures, heater core failures. Land Rover Range Rover Problems Find the most common issues based on car owner complaints. Problems / Land Rover / Land Rover Range Rover; Find common problems affecting your car. To check for problems affecting your car, select your make and model below: Get Your Car Fixed.4.1/5(11).

Range Rover Engine Problems. As a hybrid vehicle, the Range Rover can’t tell if it’s meant to be cruising suburban streets or hauling tail across the Serengeti. Because the engine of the Range Rover is built for both, extended use in either mode can result in strain on the engine and a number of problems.