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FrameMaker 7.0 was the last version to run on the Macintosh (OS 8/9), HP/UX and IBM AIX. FrameMaker 7.1 Released in 2003. FrameMaker 7.1 was bundled with Distiller 6, and included more OpenType fonts and can import Quark and Pagemaker documents. FrameMaker 7.1 on Unix now uses PDFLib and no longer relies on Distiller.License: Trialware. The documentation is all in Adobe Framemaker and yes, there are lots of equations. The Framemaker HTML output is ugly and I'm thinking that moving everything to LaTeX would be painful but worth the effort because a) I and other people know it, b) it looks good, and .

The most fundamental difference between LATEX and FrameMaker is that LATEX is batch-orientedbut FrameMaker is interactive. It would have been possible for LATEX to be interactive or FrameMaker to be batch-oriented.This difference permeates the design of both text-formatters.LATEX is in a sense constructive, in that it is built from a hierarchy of. FrameMaker MIF to LaTeX Translator LaTeX to FrameMaker MML Translator LaTeX-Like FrameMaker MIF Templates Format Programs for FrameMaker Mail Merge for FrameMaker Scale FrameMaker Font Size FrameMaker MIF Line Spacing Read/Write Foreign FrameMaker Files Other Sources of FrameMaker Filters. The list that follows gives some FrameMaker utility.

Importing LaTeX into FrameMaker. I have programmed two methods for importing LaTeX files into Adobe FrameMaker. The first and oldest is la2mml. which translates LaTeX into MML (Maker Markup Language).. It works reasonably well for text containing special characters and font changes. Why is LaTeX not used as an end-to-end solution in the publishing industry? is a bit of work under LaTeX, paying $1000/seat for FrameMaker may not seem bad to a commercial publisher. As for a.