Once the ceremony is decided, first choose a costume

Pit of rental costume

Rental costumes are not uncommon at any ceremony.

This is a method that has been used for a long time.

Compared to overseas, Japan does not have a habit of holding parties, and it is said that they have relied on rental of expensive costumes.

It’s only once in a lifetime, and some people think that rental is enough to keep the price down, but it can be expensive depending on the ceremony.

The ceremonial hall always has a shop affiliated with it, and while the only costumes to rent from there are rental fees, if you are from outside, you have to pay the fee as a carry-on fee.

Therefore, it would be nice if you could find the ideal dress at a partner shop, but be aware that if you don’t like your hobbies, you may run out of budget.

However, there is also a way to reduce the rental fee itself.

It is a rental by a mutual aid association.

There are many types, and if you are a member of a mutual aid association nationwide, you can rent it at a low price.

If you have many opportunities to wear it, the purchase is cheaper

Wedding dresses look expensive if you buy them.

Many people think so, but there are several ways to purchase.

The first is the purchase of ready-made products.

If there is something close to your ideal, you can make a prompt decision.

The second is semi-order.

When it comes to ordering, I’m worried about the price.

If you can wear a brand new dress that fits you at this price, it will be a great deal.

The third is a full order.

Not only does it fit your body, but you can also create something that you have designed, and you will be very attached to it.

It’s nice to have your own dress, which is the only one in the world, as a memorial.

If you are going to have a wedding reception in Japan after an overseas wedding, or if you plan to wear it multiple times at a second party, you may consider purchasing it.

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