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her breasts are so big one-liners - Boobs oneliners

Friends are like boobs, some are small and some are big, some are real, and some are fake. Boobs are like soda, nobody likes them flat. I told your boss you quit working at KFC. I didn't like you touching other breasts, legs and thighs. My girlfriend said she wants bigger boobs for her 18th birthday. So I got her . Tits Oneliners. I love you with all my tits, I would say heart, but my tits are bigger. Don't expect a girl to have big tits & a big ass if you dont have a big wiener Having to watch what you eat because you don't want your tummy to compete with your tits So I got her pregnant.

Boobs Jokes. HAHAHA This is the funniest collection of tits jokes ever! Go on and read them all, you will be laughing out loud: Boobs oneliners - jokes consisting of just one line.; Q & A about tits - jokes in the form of questions and answers.; Boobs icons for Web chatting.; Tits pickup lines - this is how you should start conversation with a girl. If you’re up against a girl with big boobs, bring her to the net and make her hit backhand volleys. It’s the hardest shot for the well-endowed; like when I used to beat Ann Jones, she could hit under them or over them but never through them.

My Mom comes in the living room while I'm playing video games and starts suggesting I go out and hang out with my friends. Then she sits down next to me and starts asking me personal questions about me and girls. While she's talking, she catches me staring at her tits. They're so big and hard not to look at. She pulls them out of her dress to show them to me and I can't help but touch them. Feb 14, 2018 · Human breasts can become so large, it can cause back and chest pain. This is why many women get breast reductions. More than 61,000 received a breast .