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Jul 02, 2017 · Drink coconut water. I drank fresh coconut water from an 8 ounce bottle or direct from the nut, every day. Please note drink fresh coconut water not the processed type. I found this one out by accident. I went to a party and drank coconut water the milk production was ridiculous, I had to leave the party before I totally embarrassed myself. Dec 10, 2013 · Coconut water is the liquid you hear swishing around when you shake a coconut. It is not to be confused with the creamy coconut milk often used in thai dishes. Coconut milk is the product of white coconut flesh all mashed up. I did my own research and it appears that Coconut water is the all natural sport drink. One of the most remarkable characteristics of coconut water is its chemical Author: Ghada V.

I drank it during pregnancy (for other reasons) and especially towards the end I noticed I leaked substantial amounts whenever I drank coconut water mixed with my water. After baby came and I started pumping the morning after, the Lactation Consultant couldn't believe how much I was getting so soon after delivery. I attribute it to the coconut. Mar 19, 2019 · Promotes breast milk secretion. Consuming coconut water during breastfeeding increases Capric acid and Lauric acid levels in the breast milk, which boosts your baby’s immunity. Coconut water promotes proper bone and brain development in your little one.Author: RIA SAHA.

Coconut Water. Helps with hydration and gives you a little flavor. Did it help boost my milk? I don’t drink it daily so I can’t say for sure but it is said to help. Oatmeal. I would say oatmeal is second on my list behind water. Oatmeal is known to boost breast milk. I love it and it serves as a great breakfast or even an evening snack. Sep 11, 2015 · Drink Up and Boost Your Milk Supply. Green drinks Green drinks can be very helpful as it increases the fat content of breast milk. This includes barley-grass, alfalfa leaf, spirulina, chlorophyll, kelp, oat-straw and other herbs with lactogenic and medicinal properties. Barley .

Breast milk is liquid so the more liquid you take in the more liquid your body has to make breast milk. While most of your liquid intake should be water, milkmaid tea is made of herbs, primarily fenugreek, that specifically work to increase milk supply. Aug 25, 2019 · Breast milk is about 90% water.So when you're breastfeeding, it's important to drink plenty of fluids.Drinking enough water or other fluids will keep you healthy and hydrated. It will also help you to make and maintain your breast milk supply.