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Your actions at The Breast Cancer Site have funded breast cancer research, care, and over 27,389 mammograms for women in need. Click to donate and fight breast cancer today - it's free! Breast cancer screening can save lives. That's why the Affordable Care Act makes breast cancer screening and counseling free. All health plans* must cover these benefits at no cost to you. More.

Jul 22, 2019 · Mammograms are an important part of safeguarding your health, especially if you're over 40 or have significant risk factors for breast cancer. But they can be expensive, with the average cost ranging from about $100 to $250. The Affordable Care Act requires that health plans fully cover the cost of a screening mammogram every one or two years for women over 40. Free Mammogram Screenings Early detection is the key to surviving a breast cancer diagnosis. With a screening mammogram, a medical professional can detect breast cancer before you ever show symptoms, such as a lump.

To support our mission, we partner with medical facilities across the country to provide free mammograms and diagnostic breast care services to underserved women through the NBCF National Mammography Program. In cancer screening, a negative result means no abnormality is present. False-negative results occur when mammograms appear normal even though breast cancer is present. Overall, screening mammograms miss about 20% of breast cancers that are present at the time of screening.

Sep 01, 2017 · Mammograms are low-dose x-rays that can help find breast cancer. If you've been told you need a mammogram, or you're ready to start breast cancer screening, the topics below can help you know what to expect.Last Revised: October 9, 2017. Free Mammograms. is a user-contributed database of health care centers that offer free breast exams. In addition to free clinics, pays directly for mammograms for qualifying candidates.

Breast cancer screening tools are used to find breast cancer in a person who doesn't have any warning signs or symptoms. Overall, mammography is the most effective screening tool used to find breast cancer in most women. It can find cancers at an early stage, when they .