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Southeast Asian literature Thai literature. Philippine literature. Malaysian literature. Indonesian literature. Burmese literature. Vietnamese literature. Asian literature is the literature produced by writers in Asia. Or by Asian American writers.

The Literature of Asia. The main sections — Hebrew and Yiddish — contain literature published in this country and abroad from the fifteenth century to the present day. The most complete category of works are Hebrew books produced in Russia, from the first early-nineteenth-century examples onwards. Asian Literature. It is a collection of writings that was compiled in the second century BCE. The Records of the Historian is a prominent historical work in Chinese literature. It was written in classical Chinese by Sima Qian, who is a symbol of heroism in Chinese culture. Another work of Chinese literature is The Journey to the West.

asian literature: For common knowledge it means Literature that produced in Asia ; or its written by Asian's authors and had themes / topics surrounding Asia. Asian Literature can be . 10 Award-Winning Books by Asian Authors You Should Read Ilustrado, Miguel Syjuco. Through a lens of half-autobiography and half-cultural criticism, Chronicle of a Corpse Bearer, Cyrus Mistry. Three Sisters, Bi Feiyu. An intense and invigorating examination of personality The White Tiger, Author: Rich Francis.

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The Nobel Prize is an annual, international prize first awarded in 1901 for achievements in Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature, and Peace. An associated prize in Economics has been awarded since 1969. Nobel Prizes have been awarded to over 800 individuals. Asians have been the recipients of all six award categories: Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature, Peace, and Economics. The first Asian .