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19/08/2019 Comments Off on Dry Bulk The invention of the steamship at the end of the 18th century revolutionised the entire shipping industry, and there are some parallels with the use of. As Chinese electricity demand this year is higher than ever, coal-fired power-plants are bridging the gap. This benefits dry bulk shipping, but watch out for coal prices delivered in northern parts of China. If they go high (above 630 yuan per ton), the authorities tend to intervene and increase domestic production.

BIMCO: More US Coal Exports to Aid Dry Bulk Market. zoom. East Asian buyers have also ramped up their import of US coal, which is beneficial for the dry bulk shipping industry as it generates a substantial amount of tonne-miles, relative to other destinations. the shipping industry between the expectations of owners and charterers for three-to-five year spot rates. New-building prices suggest that freight rates will drop further. While the larger Asian shipyards appear stable, smaller shipyards may be vulnerable, particularly .

In 2016 the dry bulk shipping sector experienced some of the worst market conditions in history. In response, BIMCO produced a unique analysis model, named "Road to Recovery" to highlight actions needed for the struggling shipping markets to recover - and to track their progress. Greek firms have managed to capture the immense expansion of South East Asia and particularly Europe. It is largely the dry bulk shipping firms that have benefited the most from the development since iron ore and coal are the two major resources that are required for a .