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In the past, the Asian civilizations most notable for their contributions to science and technology were India, China and the West Asian civilizations. At present, probably the most notable country in Asia in terms of its technological and scientific achievement is Japan, which is particularly known for its electronics and automobile products. The ancient Asia civilization contributions are the following: Ziggurat (a temple similar to pyramid) Water Irrigation. Chariot (a vehicle used in war) code of Hammurabi (the first code) Tore of Babel.

Aug 20, 2013 · Asia is the cradle of world Civilization. It is the center of origin of more than half of world Religion. Tea, one of the World's most favourtie drinks originated here. Yoga, most successful form to combat stress and stay fit came from Asia. Martial Arts from China and India. Asian contribution to airborne particles of anthropogenic origin in western North America, using a time series of samples from a pair of sites upwind and downwind of the San Francisco Bay Area. Our results for airborne Pb at these sites indicate a median value of 29% Asian origin, based on mixing relations between distinct regional sample groups. This.

Transcript of 10 Contributions of Asian Society to the Modern World. Inside the vessel, a pendulum hung motionless until a tremor moved it. At this point, the pendulum's swing set the seismograph's internal levers in motion. This would trigger the release of a ball held in the mouth of the dragon facing the direction of the earthquake's epicenter.