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Anemia is a common, multifactorial condition among older adults. The World Health Organization (WHO) definition of anemia (hemoglobin concentration Cited by: 271. FI older adults present with more-typical pulmonary symptoms and therefore may have earlier diagnostic evaluation and initiation of treatment. A focus on earlier diagnosis of pneumonia in older adults with preadmission functional dependency, even in the absence of typical symptoms, might lead to earlier treatment and better outcomes.Cited by: 71.

The most important take home points on anemia in older adults. Here’s what I hope you’ll take away from this article: 1.Anemia is a very common condition for older adults, and often has multiple underlying causes. 2. Anemia is often mild-to-moderate and chronic; don’t let the follow-up fall through the cracks. 3.Author: Leslie Kernisan, MD MPH. A number of studies have confirmed that there is a high rate of morbidity and mortality associated with pneumonia in the elderly (Fig. 1). [1,2,3,4,5] These high rates have continued to impede the.

This means oxygen cannot reach the blood and the cells of the body. Complications of pneumonia may include bacterial infection in the bloodstream and fluid and infection around the lungs.” Why Are Elderly People at Greater Risk? Frailty. Older people are simply more frail than younger individuals are.Author: Marlo Sollitto. These symptoms tend to ease up in 2 to 5 days, but you might have a mild cough or sore throat for 2 weeks. Call your doctor if symptoms of cold or flu do not start to get better with rest and.

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