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An adult diaper cover or waterproof plastic pant goes over the top of other adult diapers. It is used to catch any excess fluid that the underlying diaper doesn't catch. There are vinyl, polyurithane, polyester, and nylon adult diaper covers - each cover in this category is made of a different material. Adult Plastic Pants and Adult Waterproof Diaper Covers offer additional protection from leaking urine. Vitality Medical carries a wide variety of products at discounted prices with fast shipping.

Adult Diapers. Adult Briefs (tab style) Adult Plastic Pants and Diaper Covers; Belted Undergarments Diapers; Disposable Underwear (pull on) Overnight Adult Diapers (tab style) Washable Incontinence Underwear; Incontinence Care. Skin Care - Cleansers; Stain & Odor Control; Urinals/Bedpans; Wipes; Incontinence Pads, Guards & Liners. Booster Pads 5/5(3). Diaper covers are washable, reusable underwear designed to fit over disposable diapers or pads to prevent leaks onto clothing and to hold diaper in place. Choose from our selection of Sani-Pant Cover-Up or Garywear Active Brief diaper covers.

The GaryWear Active Brief is a unisex fabric pant worn over an absorbent product and designed for an extra layer of protection. They are premium diaper covers that are waterproof AND fully breathable. 11 sizes in 6 popular colors. Jan 13, 2019 · HOW TO USE: Adjust snaps on the diaper cover and place absorbent material in the shell. Works well with reusable inserts, disposable pads and other adult incontinence products (sold separately). Diaper shell can be reused 3-4 times if not soiled, just wipe clean and air dry between uses.3.9/5(13).

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