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Mar 12, 2007 · Eric the Midget to Johnny Fratto: 'You Know What to Do'. Although Howard at first figured Eric had a "wet dream," Eric acknowledged it wasn't that kind of wet dream, explaining he actually urinated in his sleep while dreaming about going to the bathroom in a bathtub. Ralph then called in comparing Eric's message to Johnny to a scene in "The Untouchables," while Fred referred . Eric the Midget (real name Eric Lynch, aka Eric the Astronaut, Eric the Shitty-Penis, and Eric the Gay Actor) is a failed abortion and frequent caller to The Howard Stern Show. Though he was born sometime last Thursday, he has outlived every prediction of lifespan by nearly threefold.

Eric the Midget was my shining North Star. Whenever I'm sad or upset or just in a bad mood, I put on an ETM compilation (you know the one) and my day instantly brightens up. When I lose my way, my little angry wheelchair bound, pint-sized astronaut helps me along. Too many to choose from, but I loved whenever Eric would make mafia-like threats to members of the staff, and I loved when he refused to admit that his "girlfriend" Kendra was on the show, literally minutes after she was on the show. And whenever Howard would say, "Eric, we just had her on the show." He would change the subject, because he couldn't deny that, but when Howard asked him to admit.

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Born March 11, 1975 (1975 03 11) (age 36) Rodeo, California Website myspace.com/erictheactorlynch www.jfsc.tv. Sep 20, 2016 · Howard Gives His 6 Reasons Why Eric the Actor Might Be the Best Wack Packer Ever On the second anniversary of Eric’s death, his former roommate Jon also calls in with an update Sept. 20, 2016 'You Know What to Do' Photo: The Howard Stern Show.