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OTDA Home Programs & Services Shelter Oversight and Compliance. Overview. The Division of Shelter Oversight and Compliance (DSOC) is responsible for the certification and inspection of publicly funded homeless shelters for families and single adults throughout New York State. DHS considers a single adult to be any man or woman over the age of 18 who seeks shelter independently, without being accompanied by other adults or minors. Single Adults: Applying for Temporary Housing Assistance. Single Adults: The Shelter System. Hospital Referral Process and Forms for Single Adult Homeless Individuals City of New York.

352.3 (a)(1) Each social services district must provide a monthly allowance for rent in the amount actually paid, for cases with a verified rental obligation. For each social services district, the maximum allowance for each public assistance family size in accordance with the following schedules: PRIVATE LOCAL AGENCY MONTHLY SHELTER ALLOWANCE SCHEDULE WITH CHILDREN. The Human Resources Administration (HRA) administers the Cash Assistance program in New York City, and local social services districts administer the program in the rest of the state. The New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA) oversees the administration of the program state-wide. Cash Assistance Eligibility.

Grappling with Safety Net Assistance for Single Adults by Sheila Harrigan, Executive Director Introduction The New York Public Welfare Association (NYPWA) represents New York’s fifty-eight local de-partments of social services (DSS). Our members are dedicated to improving the quality and ef-. Feb 08, 2016 · Emergency Assistance - DSS Description: Emergency Aid from the Department of Social Services (DSS) may be avaliable for a variety of expenses including clothing, shelter, moving expenses, home maintenance during illness, eviction, utility shut-offs, etc. Must exhaust any other possible resources.