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directions for adult size quillows - Crafty Ady: My fleece quillow tutorial

Nov 14, 2008 · How to Make a Quillow. A quillow is a blanket that folds into itself, becoming a pillow. It's a simple project that requires a free afternoon, some basic sewing skills, and a few yards of soft, inviting fabric. Quillows are great to store 89%(28). How to Make a Quillow (blanket/pillow): This is a great blanket that will keep you warm and folds into a pillow as well! Great for car rides, daycare, home, and stadium games of all kind.

May 14, 2007 · *For a baby quillow, down size as desired, making pillow section 1/3 of total width of quilt thin batting of your choice (a twin batt, 72" x 90" will make 2 quillows) Step 1: Cutting Directions Making an Adult Bib. Making Fidget Quilts: Free Tutorials and Ideas Updated 2019. Free Quilt Patterns:UPDATED 2019. How To Make A Quillow. Adult-sized quillow. When folded, it is an 18" square pillow. Unfold it to use it as a quilt (approximately 60"x45"). Stripes on one side of the blanket, a geometric pattern on the other.

Mix a pillow and a quilt, and you get a quillow. The directions that follow are for a 44-by-72 inch lap throw. It folds into an 18-inch square. Quillows are easy to sew, and you can make them in a couple hours. These neat throws make perfect gifts. May 15, 2011 · My fleece quillow tutorial (So - just to recap, whatever size your blanket is, you'll need a pocket with a finished width which is a third of the width of your blanket plus roughly 1 inch for seam allowances and a length of about a quarter of the length of your blanket plus 1 to 2 inches again for seam allowances.) We have quillows of Author: Ady.