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Waist Size Weight Size; 34-44 inches: 120-175 lbs: Medium: 44-58 inches: 170-210 lbs: Large: 58-68 inches: 210-250 lbs: X-Large: 68-80 inches: 250+ lbs: XX-Large. Adult Cloth Diapers High quality adult cloth diapers in a variety of styles. From traditional diaper types requiring pins and plastic pants to all-in-one diapers with plenty of interior cotton absorbancy and water proof barriers sewn on utilizing hook and loop closures.5/5.

• Youth diapers • Plus sized diapers • Adult cloth diapers. Diapers with tabs, normal hips and wide hips. Let’s do another example where you only need waist and hip measurements and that’s it. We’ll also address wide hips. The waist measurement is the first step. There are many advantages to using cloth adult diapers as they are reusable and actually less expensive than disposable products in the long term. Unlike disposable diapers, the cloth diapers help the environment by not ending up in a landfill. The reusable diapers come in styles for men and women. They are available in sizes from small to 3X-large.

12 rows · Custom Sized Adult & Youth Prefold Cloth Diapers We encourage all our customers to try 4.7/5(3). The pre-fold design is the same found in many of today's infant and toddler size cloth diapers and our youth and adult sizes are an "exact" copy of what is referred to as a Diaper Service Quality (DSQ) Chinese pre-fold. The design allows for use during the daytime 5/5(5).

LukLoy Women's Adults Cloth Diapers for Incontinence Care Protective Underwear -Dual Opening Pocket Washable Adjustable Reusable Leakfree for Waist Large Size 65~135cm (Pink). Cotton gauze cloth prefold diaper are heavy night time weight with 6 x 10 x 6 plys of double knit gauze. However the gauze is a lighter thinner fabric making these diapers roughly equivalent to the weight and thickness of our birdseye diapers.

An Adult Diaper's Fit is every bit as important as selecting the correct diaper because even the best product on the market can leak if it doesn't fit properly. Please refer to the adult diaper size chart seen below for proper fitting of an adult diaper. Oct 22, 2011 · When it comes to cloth diapers, SIZE DOES MATTER! I'm sure you've heard the old adage that size doesn't matter, right? *AHEM* Well, let me assure you that with cloth diapers, size matters - in fact, it matters a lot. Most of our cloth diaper pages will give a variety of ways to match your baby to a particular size.