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Best Cough Medicine for Adults. If you are having a hard time getting rid of a bad cough, this is the medicine to reach for. Once you accept the terrible taste, you will reach for this medicine whenever you get a cough because you will know it works. It is not for kids under 12 years of age.Author: Linda Krantz. Top 3 Best Cough Medicine for Adults Reviews 1. Boiron Chestal Honey Cough and Chest Congestion. 2. BUCKLEY’S Original ‘COMPLETE’ Syrup for COUGH. 3. Hyland’s Defend Cold & Cough Relief Liquid.

The Best Natural Cough Remedies. (DM), a cough suppressant. Bromelain supplements should not be taken by children or adults who take blood thinners. Also, be careful using bromelain if you Author: Zohra Ashpari And Rachel Nall. Top 5 Best Cough Suppressant Reviews 1. Fisherman’s Friend Cough Suppressant Lozenges. Considered by consumers as the best cough suppressant on the market, Fisherman’s Friend Menthol Cough Suppressant Lozenges targets dry cough by soothing the throat tissues and numbing the irritation that causes coughing. The formula consists mostly of a.

Aug 12, 2019 · Yes, there are many opiate/narcotic prescription cough suppressants like promethazine/codeine (aka Sizzurp) that work well at night to suppress cough. But we can’t use those all the time for many reasons: you can’t afford to feel dopey during the day, codeine makes many folks nauseated, and it’s habit forming. The ingredient guaifenesin is the only expectorant in the U.S., so look for it on the label if you need an expectorant. Suppressants help cut the number of times you cough. The active ingredient listed is usually dextromethorphan (DM). Other cough suppressants include camphor, eucalyptus oil, and menthol.