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Sensory Skills. Much like underdeveloped motor skills, the same applies when there are atypical sensory deficits — smell, touch, vision, hearing, and balance. No sensory function works in isolation. All the senses are dependent on other sensory functions, which are dependent on a baseline and acceptable level of development. The Development of Sensory Skills in Infants. Your baby isn’t born with the same sensory skills that you have. Even though her sensory organs developed in-utero, it takes time and practice for these to work with any sophistication. As she grows from a newborn to a .

Our approach to difficulties with sensorimotor skills at North Shore Pediatric Therapy. At North Shore Pediatric Therapy, our therapists work with children who have difficulties with their sensorimotor skills by using a multisensory approach to provide the child with experiences which help improve his/her motor planning for fine and gross motor skills, oral motor skills, behavior, sensory Author: Christina. This is more common than one would think in adults. We dive into why sensory toys may help, then give you the ultimate list of sensory tools, items, and products to help create for more relaxation and less stress The Ultimate List of Sensory Products for Adults. by Cara Koscinski, For kids who are working on their fine motor skills Author: Cara Koscinski, MOT, OTR/L.

Sensory Motor Skill Tools. Sensory motor skills are the essential activities and movements that prepare our brain and body to learn. Our special needs products improve gross motor, fine motor and sensory motor integration, including therapy balls, visual, auditory, relaxation, tactile, vestibular (perception of movement) and proprioceptive (body awareness) toys.