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Pennsylvania State Information on Respite Providers or Programs. Respite Funding and Eligibility. Additional information. How do I choose a respite provider or adult day care program? If a person with a disability or chronic condition is eligible for Medicaid, they may qualify for financial assistance that can be used to purchase. While ACRC does not provide direct care, we would like to help you find some providers that are available to you. We have broken these providers into three sections: Children Children & Adults Adults.

Respite Care in Pittsburgh. Find the time you need to manage your personal affairs without sacrificing the level of care your elderly loved one needs. Choose our licensed company for comprehensive respite care. As the number of elderly caregivers increases, so does the need for experienced providers of temporary respite care. Adult Day Care. Easterseals provides a variety of home and community-based services affording adults and seniors opportunities to live, learn, work and play as a vital part of their own community or neighborhood. These valuable programs offer respite, support, and education for family members and other caregivers. Inclusive Child Care.

Long term care facilities, also known as nursing homes, provide both short and long term nursing and rehabilitation services for persons that require 24 hour care. A list of LTC facilities in Pennsylvania may be found via the PA Department of Health web site. Find Respite Care at Facility in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Below is a list of respite care providers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Although respite care can be administered in various different settings, from in the comfort of your home to an adult day care center, the following are solely senior housing communities such as skilled nursing.